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Commercial Uses for Cabin Rentals

Working on a construction site has its challenges. Noise, dust and weather are just some of the obstacles you might face. Fortunately, with proper organisation, you can effectively operate and manage your worksite. With any construction project, you should always have a portable cabin on site. Cost-effective and weatherproof, cabins let you manage your worksite without the added stress. 

A construction manager’s work desk with tools and plans

The Perfect Cabin Bathroom

Portable cabins tend to focus on practicality over luxury, trying to optimise space as effectively as possible. cabin bathroom

As such, a standard set up involves a bathroom that is more than twice the size in length as it is in width. The entrance/doorway and the basin are on the long sides while the toilet and shower sit on opposing ends of the shorter sides taking up the entire width of the space.
In such a compact environment, it would seem as though there is little room for adjustments or luxury, but there are still creative little ways to make the most of such spaces.
Here are our favourite ways to bedazzle your bathroom!

How to maximise space in a Small Cabin

Portable cabins can be an incredibly useful addition to your section, but it requires smart planning to make the most of the limited space you often have to work with.
Here are a few tips, tricks and cool items for those who are not as familiar with working in a small space.maximise space

Use Modular and Mobile Furniture

Try to get furniture that can be moved around a space or is multi-purpose. Think expandable tables, upholstered ottomans and cabinets that can be configured to fit space wall-to-wall or floor-to-ceiling.
This allows you to have a degree of flexibility in your space and rearrange the space to suit different occasions or activities. There are also all sorts of smart design ideas out there, like a chair and table set that can fit into a shelf, or a portable, collapsible laptop table for an easy work space.

Top 10 Cool Cabins to Call Your Own

If you're thinking about getting a portable cabin, you might also be thinking about all the exciting and fun ways you could decorate it.
Going with a theme that is relevant to your hobbies or interests can be a great way to make it feel like your own. Today we’re going to look through some fun and stylish ideas for decorating your portable cabins

1.    Rustic

Recreating that country feel inside your transportable cabin is a good way of giving it a relaxing atmosphere and warmness. It's also a nice throwback to traditional log cabins, which ooze with cosy vibes.
The key to getting this look right is through natural and classic style textures, like natural wooden furniture (especially oak), fur and other animal accessories, checked patterns and weaved rugs. There are all sorts of design tips available online to help you achieve the rustic look.

Portable Cabins - the Perfect Hideaway for Your Teen

Renting a portable cabin as a bedroom for your teenage child can have great benefits for you well as them. Alongside the 'terrible twos', there is no time period more feared by parents than the teenage years. Fluctuating hormones, increasing workloads and personal discovery can make keeping the peace with your child a volatile business.
As they grow up, teenagers inevitably seek out more independence and a relocatable cabin is the ideal solution.cabin teenager

Teens Need Independence and Space

Studies show that independence is necessary for a child's journey to becoming a capable adult. Independence allows them to take on more responsibility, to form their identity, and to work out their values. It's common for parents and teenagers to be at odds with each other over independence, which can often lead to risk-taking behaviour by the child.
Your teenage child will be working hard to strike a balance between the expectations of parents with other social expectations they may be experiencing. It is important to strike your own balance and create an environment that offers your child an appropriate level of independence. Portable cabins are a way to provide this while keeping them close enough for comfort.

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