The Perfect Cabin Bathroom

Portable cabins tend to focus on practicality over luxury, trying to optimise space as effectively as possible. cabin bathroom

As such, a standard set up involves a bathroom that is more than twice the size in length as it is in width. The entrance/doorway and the basin are on the long sides while the toilet and shower sit on opposing ends of the shorter sides taking up the entire width of the space.
In such a compact environment, it would seem as though there is little room for adjustments or luxury, but there are still creative little ways to make the most of such spaces.
Here are our favourite ways to bedazzle your bathroom!



Indoor plants are an easy way to spruce up a bathroom. Bringing in thinner, longer greenery like bamboo can be a nice way to decorate a bathroom in a relocatable cabin. It adds an organic and softer feel to contrast against the bland and sterile appearance of the space. Using plants that grow upwards rather than outwards is also ideal when working in a limited space.

Recessed Cabinet

Also known as the medicine cabinet behind the mirror, a recessed cabinet is a fantastic storage solution which both saves space and is aesthetically pleasing. The lack of depth in this style of cabinet makes it ideal for small spaces and unlike other bigger cabinets, you won't lose your toiletries towards the back.

Hooks Everywhere

Use hooks instead of cabinets to store items such as towels. The bathrooms in most transportable cabins will have plenty of room to install hooks, from the walls to the back of the door. It also presents an opportunity to add a design element to the cabin bathroom – you can hang everything from trinkets to pretty towels and artwork!

Use Hidden Spaces and Think Vertical

Using empty space that would otherwise go to waste is another trick to making the most of a bathroom. Think high shelves, a basket or hangings underneath the basin, and using the top of the walls of the shower to store soaps and shampoos.

A Seat in the Shower

This is one luxury that can be added onto basically any size shower so long as you find the right sized seat or stool, and it is made of an appropriate material. A seat is both convenient for certain hygiene tasks as well turning a space into a more relaxing environment.
Cabins to Rent have a number of transportable cabins with self-contained bathrooms that are just waiting to be jazzed up by their next occupant. Talk to us today about our wide range of cabin rentals we’ll find the one best suits you.

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