Do you provide rentals out side Auckland?

We provide rental cabins to the following regions Auckland, Northland ,Waikato, Rotorua, BOP and Taupo regions. However if you are interested in somewhere outside these areas contact us as we maybe able to help in putting you in touch with an associated rental provider.

Is a credit check required?

Yes we conduct a credit check, please see our lease application page for more details. 

Is there a minimum rental period?

Yes for:

Commercial cabins - 3 months.

Residential cabins - 3 months.

Is a bond required?

Yes a bond is required, the amount depends upon cabin type. See individual residential cabins for details.  For commercial cabins we will discuss options.

How are the cabins delivered?

Towed with our 4 x 4 vehicle, we need unobstructed access to get the cabin onto site.

Can we pick up the cabin ourselves?

No the cabin will not be insured.                        

Does the cabin stay on the trailer?


Do we need a consent for the cabin?

No as they are temporary accommodation

What happens with the toilet?

We have 2 options depending on which cabin is in the yard.

  1. A PORTA POTTI chemical toilet it has a holding tank, the tank is emptied, down a toilet or sewage drain.
  2. STANDARD TOILET, with a broy split pump it has a temporary hose connection to a gully trap, sewer or septic tank, this option is an extra $15 a week rent

Where does the GREY water go?

The water can go into a bucket, or a soak hole

How is the power connected?

We supply a caravan lead & interface box which is plugged into a builders pole or a 3 pin plug at the house

How is the water connected?

15mil Black alkythene hose connected to a outside hose tap, fittings
½ inch male to cabin, ¾ female to hose tap we can supply the hose & fittings at a extra charge to be quoted  
Tank water is fine so long as you are using a pressure pump not gravity feed from a header tank, min pressure required to run the gas califont is 30kpa with a flow rate of 5 litres per minute.

What are site requirements and access to site?

A flat or near level site is required for cabin, we need 3.5mtr clear space around the
cabin & above the cabin ie: clear of overhanging trees & Eaves of the house. Room is needed for maneuvering & turning the cabin into position. Setup requirements can be viewed here.

How far off the boundary does cabin need to be?

Most areas at least 1.5 mtrs of the boundry, in some cases 3mtrs

How long is the tow bar?

1200 Long tow bar.
300 for cabins with califonts.

How high are the cabins?

3.1 mtrs at the highest point center of the cabin

Are Dogs allowed in cabins?

No Dogs allowed in the cabin, there will be extra cleaning charges for removing the dog odour.

Is smoking allowed in cabins?

No smoking allowed in the cabin, there will be extra cleaning charges for removing the odour.


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Monday to Thursday 8.30 to 4.30.
Friday 8.30 to 4pm.
Saturday 9 to 12.30.

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Cabins To Rent - portable rental cabins.


Minimum rental: 3 months
Residental cabins: Inclusive of GST
Commerical cabins: Exclusive of GST

Prices and availability (some cabins may differ in size) subject to change without notice.

Plans and photos are indicative only, layout and product available for rent may vary depending upon availablity.

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