Simplify Your Life with Portable Cabins in Auckland

Our expansive range of portable cabins across Auckland offer convenience for a multitude of applications and are available to rent and buy from Cabins to Rent. With a variety of optional features to add to your portable cabin, we can ensure your stay is a comfortable one.

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Problems That Portable Kiwi Cabins Address

Due to a changing economy and business climate, many residents and business owners are opting for a more flexible solution for housing and offices that meet their requirements.

  • If you need more room for your business to operate, portable cabins are a quick and cost effective way to expand your office. A portable cabin used on a construction site to house employees could result in higher productivity while ensuring all operations function at capacity.
  • Our cabins are professionally built using high quality materials, ensuring that they last for years to come. Gas, water and electricity is easily connected for a more comfortable stay, and our Expander cabins’ slide-out bays result in increased room when needed. All this is available in budget-friendly packages to suit your requirements.
  • Portable cabins are easily relocated if you need to move your business elsewhere. Their flexibility allows for a practical office solution for almost any business and are reusable for changing requirements - what was once a reception can now be used as an additional bedroom for your home.

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Creative Ways to Use Portable Cabins With Kitchen and Bathroom

Portable cabins are ideal for conventional uses such as temporary housing, offices and classrooms, but the dynamic nature of our cabins allows for flexible uses in more unconventional settings.

  • Pop-up bars and cafés. A portable cabin provides a cost-effective and convenient solution to mobile bars and cafés where time is of the essence. Installation is quick and your cabin is easily branded with your business theme. This option provides the fastest solution for once the event is over and the venue cleared.
  • Home Gyms. It is becoming increasingly difficult to squeeze in a session at the gym during a busy day. A portable cabin gives you the privacy of working out in a home gym, and the electricity makes it possible to follow DVD workouts at your own pace. A bonus is that you won’t have to wait for a machine to become available.
  • Changing and locker rooms. A portable cabin offers a secure and waterproof area that serves as changing or locker rooms at a stadium or school. Bathroom facilities are included for post-match showers, and the insulation allows for comfort of use during all seasons.

Why Trust Cabins to Rent Regarding 2-Bedroom Portable Cabins

Our wide range of cabins are built in a factory specifically designed to manufacture portable cabins. The varying options allow for many purposes and are spacious, allowing for comfortable living or working environments. Our options include rental and purchase and are cost-effective for their intended use. Our cabins are fully lockable to ensure the safety of your possessions and occupants and boasts sufficient power points for electric appliances.

For more information on our range of mobile cabins, contact us.

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The cabin was a life saver - his health really picked up living in a warm dry comfortable cabin.

I have recommended your cabins to a number of people.

A great product and great service - congratulations you and your wonderful team.

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