We Have Beautiful Portable Cabins for Sale

We have a range of portable cabins for sale should you have an interest in renting to buy from us. We can help you with a range of different options that can meet your individual requirements. Choose Cabins to Rent today and get the reliable portable cabins you need.

Benefits You Should Expect When You Want to Buy Portable Cabins from Us

When you rely on our team to provide you with options for portable cabins to buy, you should always expect the following benefits:

  • We have a wide range of portable cabins available to suit individual requirements. We have The Wade and The Sleepout available to those who want single rooms or the Kestrel for our clients who would like a shower and a WC. For those of you who prefer the bigger experience, we have The Norfolk which has two rooms, a shower, a WC, and a kitchenette.
  • We have kept families together with our excellent portable cabins since 2002. We know which models will work the best on specific properties and consider a variety of aspects from overall cabin size to inside space and facilities.
  • We pride ourselves on providing all our clients with exceptional customer service. We want you to have a team you can rely on from the moment you reach out to us. If you ever have any problems with your tiny home or want clarification on something, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

The next time you contemplate buying a mobile cabin, why not consider our services? We have a range of beautiful models that can cater to varying requirements, years of experience in providing customers with satisfactory results, and reliable customer service.

Why You Should Consider Our Portable Cabins for Sale in Auckland

Here are some reasons we believe portable cabins would make an excellent addition to your home:

  • Mobile tiny homes provide a sense of flexibility. You can use them for a range of different things from family visits to storage space when you need it.
  • Portable cabins are much more cost-effective than adding on to your home with construction. You get the same amount of space for much cheaper and can even move the cottage around if necessary.
  • Portable cabin installation is a much faster process than building. The cabins come to you pre-built, which means once we bring it to you, you can start using it almost immediately.

About Us and How We Help You with 2-Bedroom Portable Cabins for Sale

Since 2002 we have provided our customers with reliable quality portable cabins whether for residential or commercial use. We offer a range of options built from high quality materials that you get to enjoy wherever you need it.

The next time you want to buy or rent a portable cabin, why not consider some of our options? We have small and large, tiny houses available to everyone.

Call us now and tell us which cabin you have your eye on so we can get started.

Portable cabins ideal for providing short term, home office space or additional accommodation for those times when extended family needs demand it.

  • Sleepouts
  • Home office
  • Quality storage
  • Rumpus or games room
  • Studio

Residential pricing includes GST.
Plans and photos are indicative only, layout and product available for rent may vary depending upon availability.


Cabins to Rent in Auckland Bring The Accommodation Solution You Need

At Cabins to Rent we want you to enjoy all the comforts and joys you would have had in your own home when you hire one of our cabins to rent in Auckland. Our team is always working towards bringing you a comfortable accommodation experience when you choose our tiny cabin rental.

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Problems Portable Rental Cabins Addresses

There are many reasons why you might need comfortable, temporary accommodation. We understand that no matter the circumstances or reasons, you don’t want just any shabby shed to shack up in, so we offer you comfort and style. You can rent a tiny cabin and still enjoy all the comforts of your home. These tiny cabins are affordable, portable and versatile and can resolve a range of accommodation concerns.

  • Do you need a break from your daily routine? Just some time out to relax and recuperate? Regardless of how much you need a break, holiday accommodation doesn’t always fit into the budget during the times you need it the most. Consider taking some time out with a comfortable stay in our 2-bedroom portable cabins for rent.
  • Did your work situation change? Maybe you are finally taking on the new venture and decided to be your own boss and is working from home. Office space at home can quickly become cramped, and no one is productive in a cluttered space. Family activities at home might break your concentration and productivity, and ideally, you need a quiet corner to get your work done. Our portable cabins can be just the space you need; it can be your home office removed from your family life, the perfect space to be productive and build your career.
  • Our children grow up so fast, and before you know it, you are the parent of a teenager sulking over a need for some privacy and independence. Construction in and around your home is messy and might need some financial planning and preparation to take on the expensive venture. You do have an alternative option. Our tiny house cabin rental can be the solution you need to find your calm at home again. It is a practical solution to give your teens their desired privacy and you some sanity.

Maybe it isn’t your teenager you want to put up in alternative accommodation, but a grandparent you want close by, but who still needs their independence. Whether you need a site office, a weekend away, additional space at your home or whatever kind of space needs you can think of, these comfortable tiny homes can be the solution you desire.

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What You Can Expect from Cabins to Rent Regarding Tiny House Cabin Rental

When we say that our tiny house cabins are the perfect solution to a range of space concerns, we say it with the conviction, knowing the variety and features we have to offer.

  • Variety. We have a range of six different cabin options of varying sizes. It isn’t a one size fits all option. You can decide whether a small single room is all you need or if you rather need to opt for something more spacious.
  • You can enjoy all the practical comforts of your home as these cabins come with all the power points, light fittings and other amenities you desire. A kitchenette to cater for dining needs, while you rinse off the day’s troubles in your shower before taking a well-deserved break on the deck. These tiny homes might be portable and temporary, but oh so stylish.
  • Expect simplicity. You might wonder how much effort you would need to go through to enjoy the simplicities of this portable housing solution. Our goal is always to bring you easy and effortless, practical solutions in setting up our homes. There is no difference between transporting these quaint cabins and a caravan. We’ll take care of the easy and effortless setup for you. Our team will deliver your accommodation choice, level it for comfortable living and set you up to the point where you simply need to connect the water, waste and power points.

We treasure our relationships with our clients, and customer care is key to our success, so we are always ready to assist with any concerns you might have either when still planning your accommodation choice or already enjoying living in one.

About Cabins to Rent

Under the watchful eye of a professional builder, a team of craftsmen creates our versatile, practical and affordable solutions to the ever-increasing need for temporary accommodation in our community. It is a need we’ve been catering for with success since 2002. Whether you need to have a holiday home, a break from your routine, a temporary office or simply some added space, our cabin rental solution might just be the offer you need.

Contact us for your cabin needs, and let’s see which option from our range of accommodation would be the perfect solution for your custom requirements.


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Our Cabins come in two ranges:

Residential for shorter term rental.

Commerical for longer term rental.

Portable cabins ideal for providing short term, home office space or additional accommodation for those times when extended family needs demand it.

  • Sleepouts
  • Home office
  • Quality storage
  • Rumpus or games room
  • Studio

Residential pricing includes GST.
Plans and photos are indicative only, layout and product available for rent may vary depending upon availability.

Portable cabins for longer term rental and for use in commercial applications. Fully fitted out with power and lighting. Toilet / shower / hot water califont and kitchenette are available options - which can be supplied upon request.

  • Lunch Rooms
  • Farm Accommodation
  • Temporary Office space
  • Site Offices
  • Sales Office
  • Rental Accommodation Back packers or Camp ground.

Commercial prices - exclude GST.

Plans and photos are indicative only, layout and product available for rent may vary depending upon availability.
Cabins are also available in different sizes discuss your needs with us.
For increased flexiblity we will customise the cabins to your requirements, discuss your needs and we will consider options to deliver to your specific requirements.

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 Some photos show furniture or applicances which are not included.

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