How to Make Your Cabin Feel Homely

Much like a new house, making a portable cabin feel homely can seem like a daunting task. But it doesn't have to be. Getting a cabin for rent presents an exciting opportunity to explore your inner interior designer and experiment with different aesthetics in a temporary, manageable space.
Perhaps you'd like to try out design ideas you never had the opportunity to in your home. Or perhaps you’d just like to create a comfortable space for leisure, sleep outs or as a workplace. Whatever the case, there is a range of design tricks and other affordable ways to add a homely touch to your portable cabin.  homely rental cabin

Colour and Lighting

Different tones, colours and lighting can make a huge difference to the atmosphere of a space. Depending on the kind of effect desired, you can mix and match furniture, curtains and other accessories.
For example, natural tones and textural fabric can really warm up a room, while brighter colours can add an energetic or adventurous feel. Dark colours add a cosy effect, while creamy neutrals can be versatile - capable of feeling modern, classic or sophisticated.


Adding accessories helps bring your personality to a transportable cabin. Bookshelves, vintage accessories and artisan touches can add a lot of charm and reflect your individuality.
You could also consider adding an organic touch and increasing the breathability of a space with indoor plants. Bringing in your favourite artwork is another excellent way to really make the space your own. Why not combine art and accessory with a bit of DIY pillow design? It can have delightful results.


You can take a number of different design approaches when decorating windows, whether it's by using unconventional materials or adding layers with different shades and colours. Another interesting idea is to cover a wall with a curtain, which not only creates a sense of cosiness but also adds an interesting visual element.

Family Photos

Displaying the family adds a sense of comfort and familiarity to a cabin rental. Getting new family photos also gives you the chance to explore different framing designs that reflect the vibe you want to create in the space.

Throw Rugs

Throw rugs are one of the more simple ways to add comfort to your portable cabin. With a range of styles and colours, you'll be surprised by the warmth they can add to a space, whether folded up neatly or thrown loosely on the end of a couch.

A Touch of Quirkiness

Since you are decorating a relocatable rental cabin rather than your permanent home, why not have a little fun.
How about layered rugs or extra fur material? Does it have to be Christmas to have string lights hanging all around the room? Use your imagination and create the sort of styles that you’ve always wanted!
At Cabins to Rent, we supply a wide range of transportable cabins in Auckland. Whether you need a new office space, an extra bedroom, storage space or temporary accommodation, contact us today to see how we can help.

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