5 Reasons to Consider Renting a Cabin for Your Section

If you've got extra space on your section that's going unused, consider placing a portable cabin for rent on there. It's affordable, easy and can provide a range of benefits and practical uses.cabin

  1.    New Office Space

There are many advantages to working from home, but sometimes the environment can be distracting. Your kids might be particularly enthusiastic about play time around the house, or you might have an aspiring musician in the family.
A transportable cabin is a great way of having your own space where you can focus and work peacefully without having to leave your own property. With lockable doors and windows, it also doubles as a secure place to store important or precarious work materials away.

2.    Spare Accommodation

A relocatable cabin is an ideal solution for when you need to accommodate extended family or other guests who are staying with you. With a few minor additions, some of our cabins can be entirely self-contained, allowing your guests privacy and the opportunity for peaceful relaxation.
Maybe you have a teenager striving for some independence. Letting them use the portable cabin as their own bedroom may appease their blossoming rebellious side, where they are free to hang out and entertain their own guests away from their uncool relatives.

3.    Storage

Many people use cabins as an easy and affordable storage solution. We have rental cabins with stripped back features and optimised space. These are ideal for storing extra clutter lying around the house. You can also use them to store the belongings of a family member or friend whilst they're abroad or moving between homes.

4.    Games Room

Got a pool table or table tennis table? Why not turn your portable cabin into a dedicated games room for kids and adults alike. With the noise kept away from the rest of the house, there's no need to hold back on the fun times. You could even turn it into a bar and go all out decorating the space.
Cabins to Rent have rental cabins that come in a variety of styles and sizes for different needs, including some that are big enough for activities like table tennis.

5.    Self-contained Unit

If you live in a tourist hotspot, near a major annual event or just in a pleasant part of Auckland, a cabin rental could be used as an easy way to make extra money.
Visitors to your area could enjoy short-term accommodation that is self-contained or experience a bed and breakfast style stay, depending on the cabin rental selected from our range.
Cabins to Rent have a range of portable cabins available for rent in Auckland. We have cabins that are suited for a range of different situations and needs. Contact us today to find the best solution for you.

Many thanks Karen 
The cabin was a life saver - his health really picked up living in a warm dry comfortable cabin.

I have recommended your cabins to a number of people.

A great product and great service - congratulations you and your wonderful team.

Thanking you


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