Top 10 Cool Cabins to Call Your Own

If you're thinking about getting a portable cabin, you might also be thinking about all the exciting and fun ways you could decorate it.
Going with a theme that is relevant to your hobbies or interests can be a great way to make it feel like your own. Today we’re going to look through some fun and stylish ideas for decorating your portable cabins

1.    Rustic

Recreating that country feel inside your transportable cabin is a good way of giving it a relaxing atmosphere and warmness. It's also a nice throwback to traditional log cabins, which ooze with cosy vibes.
The key to getting this look right is through natural and classic style textures, like natural wooden furniture (especially oak), fur and other animal accessories, checked patterns and weaved rugs. There are all sorts of design tips available online to help you achieve the rustic look.

2.    Seaside/Coastal

This theme is easy and affordable to put together as long you have a bit of creativity and a willingness to scavenge. Next time you take a trip down to the beach, collect some shells which can be hung or placed around the place. You could also collect some sand, which can be used to make some charming accessories.

3.    Fantasy

This is one for the kids or a grown up fan of fantasy, sci-fi and comics. If someone in your family is of a geeky persuasion, a fantasy style cabin is a dream come true.
You can arrange your posters and figurines in your relocatable cabin or you can go all out and transform the entire space! From bed sheets to murals and banners, the sky is the limit.

4.    Nature

There are several different ways to pull off a plant/forest themed room, the most simple of which is to hang some live plants around the place. If you're worried about maintaining live plants, fake ones can often look just as great without the mess or effort.

There is also a range of accessories that can help replicate nature in your portable cabin, such as lamps that look like they're made from tree branches, wall to wall banners depicting a forest, or lighting fixtures that cast tree-like shadows across the room.

5.    Medieval

Going medieval is another great theme idea for your portable cabin, and it is all about accessories. Think brass items and soft furnishings with heraldic designs or stylised roses, and wall displays with swords (preferably fake).

6.    Industrial

Decorating a space to achieve an industrial look is an increasingly popular trend. Industrial designs are characterised by utilitarian surfaces, stripped back architecture and salvaged objects.
The easiest way to achieve this look in your transportable cabin is to acquire industrial furniture and accessories. They often have sharp angles, are made from metal, and have exposed parts such as light bulbs.

7.    Under The Sea

If you’re an ocean lover or you’re decorating for kids, this is another great theme to go with. Get underwater themed bed sheets, coral style decorations and wall to wall hangings depicting swimming marine life to make your relocatable cabin feel as relaxing as the sea. You can even get soundtracks that play throughout the cabin, bringing the calming feeling of rolling waves right to your door.

8.    Space

Putting together a space theme in a portable cabin can be as simple as putting a telescope by the window, or putting up a few posters. Another easy and effective way to get the space look is to get some glow in the dark star stickers, which can turn your cabin rental by day into a galaxy at night.

9.    Arcade

If you've got video game fans in your home or you want to transform your portable cabin into a nostalgic journey back to a classic amusement arcade, this is the theme for you.
Once again it all comes down to the accessories with this one and you can find all sorts of cool video game decorations online.

10.     Pop Art

Turn your relocatable cabin into a Warhol-inspired trip back to the 60's with a pop art themed space. It's an unconventional look but hugely popular globally, meaning there are all sorts of funky furniture out there to decorate your cabin rental.
Inspired and want to get started decorating your very own portable cabin for rent? Contact Cabins to Rent here or check out our range to find the portable cabin that suits you.

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