How to maximise space in a Small Cabin

Portable cabins can be an incredibly useful addition to your section, but it requires smart planning to make the most of the limited space you often have to work with.
Here are a few tips, tricks and cool items for those who are not as familiar with working in a small space.maximise space

Use Modular and Mobile Furniture

Try to get furniture that can be moved around a space or is multi-purpose. Think expandable tables, upholstered ottomans and cabinets that can be configured to fit space wall-to-wall or floor-to-ceiling.
This allows you to have a degree of flexibility in your space and rearrange the space to suit different occasions or activities. There are also all sorts of smart design ideas out there, like a chair and table set that can fit into a shelf, or a portable, collapsible laptop table for an easy work space.


Be Smart with Space and Creative with Storage

Maximising space in a transportable cabin is all about reducing the amount of floor space being used. Draw up a basic floor plan and organise yourself and the things you want to bring into the space. Try to bring in only what you need and eliminate excess clutter.
Try to keep all your furniture lined up against the length of the walls to free up use in between. When considering storage options think about vertical space – use bookshelves instead of a bookcase, install hooks to hang items such as towels, kitchen utensils, artwork and accessories.
Invest in some creative furniture like a storage bed. This has a mechanism to flip up the mattress, providing tons of storage underneath as well as having shelves on the side of bed. There are all sorts of similarly innovative storage solutions to be discovered online that are ideal for small spaces.

Expand Space with Smart Design

Using light colours to make a space feel more open is one of the older tricks in the book, but it can really help to visually expand the space in a portable cabin. Try to bring in furniture that is white or has creamy tones.
One the best and easiest tricks in the design world is using mirrors. Add a full-body mirror (or several) to visually expand a space. Combined with neutral colours, a tall mirror adds dimensions to a small space and makes it appear much larger. If large mirrors are too pricey for your liking, group together smaller ones and use those instead. You can also place mirrors in all kinds of places, like behind the stove, all along the back of the kitchen counter and on the front of cabinets.
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