Cabin Rental vs Renovation

If you have been thinking about renovating your home, you’ll know that it isn’t cheap. Qualified professionals can charge thousands, while DIY home renovations present several safety hazards. Not to mention the mess and disruption to your household routine.Yong woman lying on the couch insiode her cabin

Fortunately, there is an alternative to home renovation that won’t break your budget. That answer is portable cabins! These spacious solutions are portable and they come in different sizes. If you’re looking to add space, you’re sure to find a cabin for your backyard. 

Why Cabin Rental?

When it comes to a home renovation, there are many guidelines you must abide by. Renovations will often require permits that can take weeks to get approved and you will usually be hampered by noise restrictions.

If this all sounds like too much of a hassle, you should consider a cabin rental – especially if it is only for something as simple as another bedroom! Not only is it easy to transport, but when you are finished with it, you can simply call and have it picked up. 

Our Cabins

At Cabins to Rent, we have a number of sleepouts that will accommodate your property.

Our range of residential cabins includes:

•    Sleepout – the smallest cabin, suitable for a single or bunk bed. It’s also ideal for a small video games room

•    Wade – made to fit a queen size bed and small bedside table

•    Kestrel – great for long term stay and temporary accommodation

•    Norfolk – an ideal solution for a granny flat or guest room

•    Expander Van – almost as big as a small unit. Ideal for a guest house, temporary accommodation or teenagers wanting independence

All our sleepouts come with power and light fittings. This ensures your guests won’t be left out in the dark and will feel safe. Best of all, unlike renovations, portable cabins don’t require a permit as they are temporary accommodation.


Home renovations may seem like a good idea, but the dust and mess can be both unsightly and a health hazard. This is where you should seriously consider a portable cabin.

If the renovation is going to take longer than 12 weeks, it is the best option. For a residential cabin, we require a minimum 3 months of rent. This allows you to set up the cabin and take the time to finish the renovation. Our larger cabins will cater for families, especially those with children. With a height of 3.1 metres from highest point, you’ll have plenty of room to move around.

When the renovation is complete, we will come to collect the cabin. That is unless you decide to keep it for a little while longer!

When it comes to sleepouts, Cabins to Rent are your specialists. We can cater to your short and long-term cabin rental needs. If you are interested, contact us today and we’ll help you choose the right cabin.

Many thanks Karen 
The cabin was a life saver - his health really picked up living in a warm dry comfortable cabin.

I have recommended your cabins to a number of people.

A great product and great service - congratulations you and your wonderful team.

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